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Products Manufactured by PMI Have Passed the DNV (DET NORSKE VERITA) Accreditation

Recently, GD Press Metal International Ltd (hereinafter referred to as PMI) has passed the audit and authentication for marine material and products by the most well-known and authority professional risk management organization——DET NORSKE VERITA (DNV), and acquired the access to the market of industrial aluminum alloy used for marine.

Since the initiation of the project, all departments have worked together with targeted goal, earnestly learned the rules and quality requirements for DNV authentication and continually reviewed the questions in the appreciation process. Finally, our products have smoothly passed all testing standards as stated by the DNV under the on-site supervision of DNV senior surveyors during the whole audit and approval process.

 The obtained of the DNV certificate symbolizes that we have established a firm step on the road for continual improvement of our product quality, to continually develop new products, and to be active to explore the new market.  As the aluminum industry becomes more and more competitive, it’s very important for us for future development of our company.

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